Biscuit Prodcution Line

Brief Introduction

  • Biscuits, cookies, sandwich biscuits equipment is our main products. These equipments with new design, compact structure, high degree of automation. Automatic and complete mechanical and electrical integration of the process: from Mixing, feeding, molding, transportation, baking, oil spraying, cooling and packaging.

  • Biscuit thickness can be adjusted,  more than 100 kinds moulds can be choose, also can customize the mould as you need. Mechanical running speed can be fast or slow, stepless speed regulation, and automatic temperature control, automatic power failure alarm and a series of advanced devices.

  • A variety of specification of biscuits, , cookies, crackers, crisp, can form a variety of biscuit production line.

  • Simple operation, less investment, is one of the ideal equipment for food processing plants. We also according to customer requirements, customized with different specifications. According to the customer's site, production requirements and electrical requirements to give a reasonable design configuration, to achieve customer satisfaction effect.


Working Process

  • Mixing——biscuits forming (soft /hard)——baking——spraying oil——turning machines (save space)——Cooling ——Arranging biscuits——packaging .

Equipment characteristic

Biscuit Prodcution Line

  • 01

    Dough Mixer:
    Food contact parts are nickel plating, inside hopper is stainless steel, it can meet different food’s requires.Garland type dough mixer blender uses the cast steel screw stir, used for soft biscuit production; paddle type mixer used for hard biscuit production.

    • 02

      Hard Biscuit Forming Machine:
      It is used for hard biscuit line. The machine press the dough through three rollers, and one time cutting, then forming ,the waste paste recycle automatic finish.It can produce the different kinds of sweet ,salty, thin and thick hard crispy biscuits.

    • 03

      Soft biscuit Forming Machine:
      The Mixed paste will be pressed and forming pattern on time, used for producing the different kinds of soft biscuits by exchange the various of mould shape.

    • 04

      Oil Spraying Machine:
      It sprays evenly and high efficiency, low consumption, low nosiy, oil filter saving oil.

    • 05

      Tunnel baking oven:
      This tunnel oven is made of oven tunnel, mesh belt, driving system, chimney, electric heat pipe, and a control box. Far infrared electric heating baking ovens, electric heat radiation is more than 95%, more than 35% of energy saving effect, the sanitary condition is good, service life is long, quartz tube radiation roasted evenly, power-saving effect reached 30%, furnace set is reasonable, the heat preservation performance is good.

    • 06

      Cooling Machine:
      Cooing the biscuit before package, ensure the quality and extend the expiration date.

    • 07

      Biscuit Arranger:
      Arranger is used for arrange the biscuits ,to edge on and conveying ,easy to inspect and package. It can adjust the width and convey speed, necessary device for production line.

    • 08

      Turning Table:
      When the factory space is not enough, can use it ,saving space. This device adopts the imported PVC seamless, stable and clean.

    • 09

      Packaging machine:
      The packing machine is mainly bread, chocolate, cookies, pie, cake, ice cream, candy, cards, wipes, spoon, toothbrush, soap, slippers, cleaning ball, syringes, metal parts and other daily necessities.

Production Capacity

Model Capacity Voltage Power
BG 250 80-90kg/h 380V/50Hz 38kw
BG 280 100-120kg/h 380V/50Hz 45kw
BG 300 120-150kg/h 380V/50Hz 50kw
BG 320 150-180kg/h 380V/50Hz 60kw
BG 400 200-250kg/h 380V/50Hz 80-120kw
BG 480 250-300kg/h 380V/50Hz 120-150kw
BG 560 350-400kg/h 380V/50Hz 150-180kw
BG 600 400-500kg/h 380V/50Hz 180-220kw
BG 800 600-700kg/h 380V/50Hz 250-350kw
BG 1000 800-1000kg/h 380V/50Hz 350-450kw


Kindly Remind
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Do you have any sample pictures(size) of the biscuits or cookies that you want to make, and please tell us the capacity you need.

Is this the first time to start biscuits(cookies) business ,or want to expend your current business.

Do you already have the factory(shop), or on planning, if yes, please tell us the workroom’s(shop’s) size.

Is there any budget about this business plan.

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